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  • Comparing Electromagnetism with SEO services

    seo-basicsIf you really want to hike your SEO skills then you are at the right place, for attracting more prospects of the website, we would require to know the concept of electromagnet. For building an electromagnet, we need to have a wire, long nail and a battery.

    By connecting the positive and negative ends of the battery with the ends of the wire and wrapping the wire around the nail. If nail would be longer, the magnet will be stronger. The more the number of turns of the wire, the stronger is the magnet.

    Similarities between an electromagnet and SEO works are –
    For making a site which is optimized by the search engines we have to create WebPages for all our offerings and services and these pages should be full of keywords. Just like iron nails or any other iron element is much better than the aluminum nails in this task, high quality content which informs, persuades and engages more visitors will be beneficial to your website.

    The wires in the electromagnet works in the same manner as the Blog postings which wrap around the content on the web pages and also boost up your ranking in major search engines. Suppose to advertise any of the services offered by your company, then the Blogs should be such that they give the clear insight of the company as well as services offered which will attract more visitors to your website.

    All the main keywords should have good quality inbound and outbound links, good content should be there on the web in order to draw traffic towards itself. Moreover, the more blog posts you wrap your WebPages with, the more electromagnetic juice in terms of traffic will be flowing to your website.

    Thus, I conclude that there is a lot common between the scientific concept of electromagnetism and SEO services and both of them should be dealt carefully. The “boosting wires” or Blogs are the most important tool in case of SEO services

    Author : Katie

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